‘She didn’t pay for WhatsApp order’



A 36-YEAR-OLD woman of Chalala has been dragged to court on allegation of failure to pay for items she ordered, seven dresses and one pair of shoes all valued at K4,230.

This is a matter before kafue local court magistrate Mable Lupala in which Georgina Tembo, 34, sued Linda Chipili for payment of k 4,230.

She told court she had advertised shoes on Facebook and when Tembosaw the adverts she got interested and sent an order.

“I ordered 7 dresses for K50 each and one pair of shoes for k380 and put them on my WhatsApp status and she got interested and took the things,” she said.

She said she wanted to order the dresses for her friends at church.

In defence, Chipili accepted the claim and said she will pay the money in two installments.

Court ruled that Chipili should pay K2,500 on August 31 and the remaining amount on September 30.


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