Cops demand peaceful campaigns in 2021

Bonny Kapeso


AS the country heads to 2021 elections, all political parties should have a platform to campaign peacefully without any interference, Deputy Inspector of police in charge of operations Bonny Kapeso has said.

Mr Kapeso said that police officers do not campaign for anyone but to maintain law and order hence the need for respect from all political parties.

He said this during a dialogue meeting with the United Party for National Development (UPND).

The Deputy Inspector-General said police officers would be professional towards each and every political party because their job was to maintain law and order without being selective.

Mr Kapeso observed that the Zambia police service has had enough of political violence from cadres who insult officers for merely doing their job.

It was for this reason, he said, that the police decided to engage all political players as the country heads to 2021.

Mr Kapeso stated that despite insults from political cadres, the police would continue to maintain law and order with respect for human dignity.

He has therefore urged political parties to give chance to the police officers to do their work and also advised political parties to work together to end political violence.

Meanwhile, UPND deputy youth chairperson, Gilbert Liswaniso, blamed the police for the escalating political violence.

He said police officers did not carry out their mandate effectively.

Mr Liswaniso said that due to police officers’ selective application of the law, political violence had escalated in the country.

He, therefore, advised the police to be professional and ensure that the law was applied fairly.

He however pledged that his party would ensure that peace was maintained before and after the 2021 general elections.


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