Eden curtains roll as league reaches climax

Who will steal the show?


TIM ZULU writes

THE law of gravity dictates that whatever goes up must come down and that expression comes true this today as the Eden championship is set for the photo drama ending that will decide who gains promotion to the Premier League and who falls off to relegation.

While Indeni, Kitwe United, Prisons Leopards, Young Green Eagles and Gomes (who have slim chances) are poised to take home the top prize, drama is expected to unfold at the near-end drop zone as teams will cling on for their dear life or be cut off in the Eden league.

Mumbwa Medics, Zesco Malaiti Rangers, Mpulungu Harbour and lucky Zesco Shockers will need to go out of their way to give it a seesaw balance on the knife edge or left to gasp for final air outside the Eden National league fold.

In Ndola, if foregoing the rule of Club Licencing to feature one side per club does not apply, then   Young Green Eagles with 53 points may cream it all and join their sister club (Green Eagles) in the top tier if Gomes gives up the race from the Levy Mwanawasa dressing room.   

Across the Kafubu river in Ndeke township, third placed with 52 points Indeni FC is said to have its crude oil reach final heating temperatures and may crown it too if Zesco Malaiti Rangers, who need everything in this game to guarantee their stay in the Eden fold, fail to keep their turbines running at full throttle.

In Kabwe at Godfrey Chitalu stadium ask both the host Prison Leopards camp now on top with 53 points or the visitors Kitwe United on 50 points just how much they want to go down in the annals of history as maiden champions of this National league that certainly gives you a recipe how nerve raking this game will pan out. 

But the question is; after close to nine months or so of traversing the wide and far corners of this country who will bang the first fruit of K125,000 as champions in the inaugural second tier league? A little patience from now will provide us with the answer. On the other hand those teams like Kafue Celtic, Police College, Nchanga Rangers, Chambishi, National Assembly and F. C Muza who are perched in safe EDEN braches may use their final matches today to spoil the party of their opponents who are seriously in dire need of oxygen or let them give up their last breath. And this is how their test look like.

Kafue Celtic host Mumbwa Medics at OYDC, Police College Goodbyes Sinazongwe United at Imboela stadium, Nchanga Rangers are in Lusaka at woodlands stadium to get their final bite of relegated Zambeef.

While Chambishi are in Mongu to test if Zesco Shockers still deserves a place in the Eden league or not. At Queensmead Stadium National Assembly may impose the final fish ban before the time Unless visitors Mpulungu Harbour overlook the decree and F. C Muza have travelled to Kabwe to watch the final drills of Soldiers Chindwin Sentries.


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