Shebeens emerge in Lstone

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SOME residents Livingstone are operating shebeens and selling beer in defiance of social distancing and ban on sell of alcohol in bars and other congested outlets.

The development has raised concern among residents who fear that this could lead to further spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Simonga ward councillor, Peter Munyama, observed that some shebeens at Indeco Market were operating with impunity and appealed to members of the public to desist from patronising illegal beer outlets.

Mr Munyama encouraged the department of public health and council police to move in bring sanity at the market.

He said that the same shebeens were causing noise pollution and were operating even beyond midnight.

Mr Munyama said he had been engaging those involved in the illegality to stop but his efforts were not appreciated.

“I have been receiving complaints of noise pollution at Indeco Market which is coming from some shebeens being operated by some residents. This is a serious issue. The shebeens are running through up to 02:00 hours and residents are complaining about it.

“So, I want to encourage the department of public health at our council working with council police to move in and bring sanity in that area,” he said.

Mr Munyama observed the local authority needed to take action against such people.

“There is no way that a market can house shebeens and operate beyond midnight. The law does not allow that,” he said.


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