Villager fined K800 for assault in Kasempa


Kasempa, August 2020, ZANIS– Samuel Kiboko of Shibendevillage has been ordered to pay K 800 compensation for assault when he appeared for Judgment in Kasempa District Magistrate court yesterday.

In his Judgment, Magistrate Evans Yikona said the prosecution team had proved the assault case against Samuel Kiboko beyond reasonable doubt.

In this matter, Samuel Kiboko was accused of assaulting Boron Kamalonda, thereby occasioning him actual bodily harm on June 6, 2020.

Delivering his Judgment, Magistrate Yikona said it is a fact that Samuel Kiboko and Boron Kamalonda had a physical confrontation on the material day.

He added that it is also a fact that Kiboko was the one that assaulted Kamalonda on June 6, 2020 near Shibende village.

“I am satisfied that the prosecution team has proved its case against the accused beyond reasonable doubt,” Magistrate Yikona added.

Magistrate Yikona further stated that prosecution had proved its case against the accused and found him guilty of the offence as charged and convicted him accordingly.

In his mitigation, Samuel Kiboko pleaded for the court to exercise lenience as he was a first time offender alleging that the complaint was insulting his father.

But passing his sentence Magistrate Yikona ordered Kiboko to pay the complaint 800 Kwacha compensation default six months in imprisonment with hard labor.

He told the accused that he had taken into consideration the fact that he was a first offender but noted that assault cases are prevalent in the district   and punishing him was one way to deter would be offenders.

“I have taken into consideration the fact that you are a first offender and by law you deserve the lenience of the court however this kind of offence is prevalent in Kasempa so it is my solemn duty as court to punish offenders so that others can learn,” Magistrate Yikona said.



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