Corporates should take up sports infrastructure – Kazhila



A CHINGOLA resident has bemoaned the poor state of sports infrastructure in the district blaming it for the dwindling fortunes of sport in the district that once boasted top athletic triumphs.

Joseph Kazhila Jr says there’s need to revamp the sports infrastructure in Chingola if sport was to thrive again.

Kazhila has called on Government to come up with policies that compel leading investors in the District such as the Mines to adopt renovation of sports infrastructure as part of their social corporate responsibility.

He said that Chingola boasts of massive sport facilities but that that their current state was a sorry site as they had been neglected without any regular maintenance.

He noted that the Chingola was in the past known for producing high profile athletes in various disciplines such as cricket, squash, track and field, Rugby as well football but that the trend had dwindled due to lack of facilities .

Kazhila noted the lack and dwindling sports facilities had contributed to moral decay by young people in Chingola as they had taken to drinking and other vices.

He noted that if well given priority, sport could be a many contributor to job creation to young people in Chingola as they would not only rely on formal jobs but also sport as a source of income.

Chingola is home to a number of sports facility that include a number of soccer stadium’s, Rugby stadium., Basketball courts, Cricket pitch and many others.


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