Arson accused neighbour discharged

File Photo: Lusaka Magistrate Court.


The Lusaka Magistrates court has discharged a matter were a woman allegedly set fire on a house.

Before magistrate Nsunge Chanda was Kaswala Mutondo 35 of Chelstone charged with an offence of arson.

It is alleged that Mutondo set fire on property belonging to Steven Zulu her neighbour.

Facts where that Mutondo set fire on Mr. Zulu’s house on November 12 2019 around 03:00 hours.

Public prosecutor made an application to discharge the matter because the witnesses had not been coming to court and the matter kept dragging.

Magistrate Chanda asked Mutondo what got burnt in the fire.

Mutondo said only a curtain was burnt but denied setting fire on the house.

Magistrate: How do you know Mr. Zulu?

Mutondo: He is my neighbor.

Magistrate Chanda said arson is a very serious offence no matter how high or low the value of things lost. She warned Mutondo to never set another person’s property on fire no matter how annoyed she is.

The court discharged the matter due to the unavailability of witnesses.


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