AfriDelivery announces manufacturers export platform

Afshon Wallace


AN online platform which will enable local manufactures export their products is expected to be up and running by end of this year.

The initiative is currently under development by AfriDelivery, an online delivering platform.

AfriDelivery Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AfshonWallace, said the initiative would enable local manufacturers to put their products in a position to export.

Mr Wallace said in his response to a press query that AfriDelivery had created a platform that allowed producers to get online and be visible immediately they had something to sale.

“Eventually, we want to ship products that are manufactured in Zambia by Zambians to other countries as a way of increasing international   trade and recognition when it comes to the Zambian products.

“Online markets are inevitable in the next couple of years, if you do not have your product online, then it is like you are inexistence. They are open to the World and AfriDelivery is not just limited to the local market,” he said.

AfriDelivery, Mr Wallace said, was leveraging on technology to ensure that consumers got their products in time.

He explained that the company was combining technology with the Brick and Motor stressing that innovation was a key driver to its core business.

“AfriDelivery has a team that is very innovative, most people come the traditional ways of doing things so we help them to innovate so that even when they put their items then people will have interest,” he said.

Mr Wallace said AfriDelivery was seeking partnerships with any manufacturers with products to sale.

He explained that the platform was open to any business interested in delivering their products to consumers.

“It was not just a food delivery service, our main focus yes is fast moving consumer goods, but at the end of the day, we have opened it up to everybody else that has anything to move,” Mr Wallace said.

Mr Wallace has also urged Government to find innovative ideas of empowering businesses as they were crippled due to lack of finances.

“I believe the market is still young, it is still growing so we are encouraging Government bodies to empower us so that we can see how we can create a hub that is able to empower businesses and financially empower them because most businesses have the ideas but they are financially crippled. We would appreciate the support,” he said.


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