Farmer fined for illegal possession of firearm


THE Itezhi Tezhi Magistrates Court has fined a 22-year-old farmer for unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Mashite Hilton, of Chikamba village in Chief Musungwa’s area in Itezhi Tezhi District in Central Province, was charged with two counts.

In the first count, Mashite was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm contrary to section 10(1) (a) (b) of Act no. 110 of the laws of Zambia.

Particulars were that on 2 August, 2020 in Itezhi Tezhi district, did possess a firearm namely a handmade shotgun serial number 95022119 without a license issued to him.

In the second count, Mashite was charged with unlawful possession of ammunitions.

Facts before the court are that, on the same date in Itezhi Tezhi district, Mashite did possess ammunition namely 12 bore live shot gun shells without a license.

When the matter came up for plea, he pleaded guilty and Magistrate Mugala Chalwe convicted him upon his own confession.  

Facts alleged that on 1 August, 2020, Zambia Wildlife Police officers were on duty in Basanga area in Chief Musungwa’s area in Itezhi Tezhi when they got information that a house was broken into in the area.

It was further stated that a firearm was stolen and that it was later seen with Mashite and the following day, officers searched his house and recovered a gun and ammunition.

The accused was apprehended and later charged with the subject offence after he failed to produce a license which allowed him to possess the fire arm.

In mitigation, Mashite said he was a first offender, a young and energetic person who could contribute immensely to the development of the district.

“The court has considered your mitigation that you are young and still have a lot to contribute to the development of the district but these offences are too prevalent here in Itezhi Tezhi,” said Magistrate Chalwe in passing sentence.


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