Youth empowerment guarantees prosperous future says Kanyama MP



IF youth are empowered, criminal activities will reduce because they will have business ventures to concentrate on, Kanyama Member of Parliament Elizabeth Phiri has said.

The law maker has continued to undertake various empowerment programmes targeted at youth and women in her constituency with the latest initiative being the distribution of chicken runs to different community groups.

Ms Phiri, who is also Minister of Gender, says business initiatives will help in reducing cases of early marriages as one of the reasons why parents allow their children to get married at a tender age is because of economic hardships.

A total of 2,000 chickens will be distributed amongst different groups around the constituency to encourage entrepreneurship.

Meanwhile, the law maker has asked all Kanyama residents who do not have green national registration cards (NRCs) to use this period to obtain one as it would not only help them establish business accounts but also enable them to participate in the 2021 General Elections.

Speaking when she addressed the Patriotic Front members in Kanyama Ward 10, Mr Phiri says even for one to be registered as a voter the green national registration card is key.

The minister then preached about peace, unity and love within the Patriotic Front in Kanyama constituency as that will help all members work together and bring more development in the area.

The minister was accompanied by Kanyama constituency chairman David Sichinga who said the constituency will support the current member of parliament Elizabeth Phiri who has shown leadership and brought a lot of development in Kanyama.

Other officials that were present at the same event was the area councillor Brighton Bilumba who said community work has become easier under the leadership of the area MP and the Republican President Dr Edgar Lungu.


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