Chongwe Covid-19 task force pushes for total compliance



THE Chongwe Covid-19 task force has called on residents to adhere to all Covid-19 preventive guidelines including masking up.

Task force chairman Aongola Wamulume made the call during an interview and said that the task force will not entertain any form of abrogation of the protocols. He revealed that the task force had stepped up its enforcement of the guidelines following the Presidential directives on masking up in public places.

Mr. Wamulume, who is also Chongwe Council director of housing and social services, warned that the task force will not take any excuse for not masking up in markets, bus stations and other public places.

He said that the guidelines were not meant to punish, but to protect life. He urged the residents to take personal responsibility and ensure that they strictly adhere to all the guidelines.

He however observed that people had relaxed their adherence levels and as such the task force had stepped up its enforcement of the protocols.

He also reminded the public and business houses to avoid the temptation of engaging in illegal beer trade. He said that any bar found trading in beer will have themselves to blame. He said that adherence to the guidelines was the only sure way to defeat the pandemic. He observed that the rising Covid-19 cases were a wake-up call to all.

He stressed that the task force and the local authority will enforce masking up in all public places and as such total adherence is expected.


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