Sasai Wi-fi Finder to boost digital, financial inclusion



TWO international groups have partnered and launched an initiative meant to accelerate digital and financial inclusion in Africa.

The Sasai Wi-Fi Finder was launched last week Thursday by Cassava Fintech International (CFI) and Liquid Telecom Group (LTG).

It is set to be rolled out at thousands of hotspots across Africa.

Sasai Wi-Fi Finder was a potential game changer in driving digital and financial inclusion in Africa, says CFI Chief Executive Officer, Darlington Mandivenga.

Mr Mandivenga said the launch was a critical piece in the social digital inclusion agenda his organisation was driving on the continent.

“Through Sasai Wi-Fi Finder, we plan to establish an expansive network of data access points across Africa and build ‘Africa’s Missing Network’ through partnering with broadband providers, Internet Service Providers and local community hubs,” he said during the launch.

LTG group Chief Operating Officer, Ahmad Mokhles, said the partnership was providing consumers with affordable Wi-Fi access while local franchisees and partners were able to grow their businesses and the economies of their countries.

Mr Mokhles said the partnership was a true example of the transformative power technology could have across the value chain.

“We are proud that our best-in-class broadband infrastructure network is the backbone of this service and is enabling more Africans to access the digital and financial benefits of the internet,” he said.

Sasai Chief Operating Officer, Tapera Mushoriwa, said the app was designed to be as easy-to-use as possible.

He said a smartphone user would get free connectivity on-the-go through accessing the #SasaiWi-Fi Finder network to download the Sasai App and gain access to a wide range of in-app services.

“When a new smartphone user has registered on the Sasai App, or when an existing Sasai App user opens the App, they receive automatic notification “pop-up” alerts showing available #SasaiWi-Fi Finder hotspots nearby.

“They also receive additional services, such as distinct indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot markers, directions to Wi-Fi hotspots, session usage, range and signal strength details – making it easier than ever before for African users to access the Internet,” Mr Mushoriwa said.

The Global System for Mobile Communications 2019 report shows that affordability remains a significant barrier to Internet adoption in Africa, resulting in social, digital and financial exclusion.

This partnership seeks to offer a low-cost solution for connectivity and to expand these services throughout the continent.


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