Chilando Chitangala: Problem solver, mentor

Discipline, independence is ket for women leaders says Roma Ward 17 councilor



AFTER being fed up with incessantly criticizing the Lusaka City Council (LCC) for poor service delivery, she decided to be part of the solution to the problems.

Ms Chilando Chitangala was elected in the year 2016 as the councillor for Roma Ward 17 in Mandevu constituency under the Patriotic Front party and has held several positions during her term in office.

Born in the 1970s from Musa and Agness Chitangala, Chilando had 10 siblings. However, two of her brothers have since passed.

She observed that in the August 2016 elections, most women wanted to participate but they were hindered by the new electoral clause that required an aspiring candidate to possess a Grade 12 certificate.

For this reason, the civic leader has advised other women to go back to school through adult education adding that it is not too late to go back to school.

Ms Chitangala explained that she started politics at constituency level where her leadership skills and hard work were eventually identified.

She was voted for as the women vice chairperson in Mandevu Constituency before getting to where she was now.

The Roma Ward 17 representative observed that women always have wonderful ideas that could add value to the country’s development agenda but regrettably that most women shy away from joining politics for a number of reasons.

Ms Chitangala believed that having more women in leadership positions could bring positive change and quick transformation in people’s lives across the country.

The councillor served as deputy mayor of the City of Lusaka for a period of three years a position she held until she lost to incumbent Jonas Shakafuswa who defeated her during the 2019 elections for deputy mayors.

She is also an entrepreneur who runs successful businesses.

She has been a Champion in the fight against Maternal Deaths and Child Mortality and advocate for Safe Motherhood in the communities.

Ms Chitangala believes that discipline and being independent is very critical for every woman, especially those holding decision-making positions.

In 2019, she graduated with a Masters Degree in Executive Leadership and Wealth Creation from the University of Lusaka and encourages other young women to consider education as one of the ways to ensure success as a woman.

She said through dedication and being focused, she had risen through the ranks from being a regular member within the ruling Patriotic Front (PF). 

Recently the Patriotic Front appointed Ms Chitangala Lusaka Province vice Chairlady, taking over from party loyalist Ms Charity Banda.

She believes she has have gained enough experience and understanding on what leadership is.


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