Garbage heaps balloon in Lstone



GARBAGE collection in Livingstone has become a challenge following the breakdown of the only front-end loader at the local authority.

As a result, the local authority had been relaying on goodwill from the Zambia National Service (ZNS)’s loader for garbage collection.

The situation has seen growing heaps of garbage mostly in high-populated townships such as a Zambezi Sawmills, Dambwa Site and Service, Kashitu, Nakatindi, Linda, Ngwenya and Libuyu.

Simonga Ward Councilor Peter Munyama said the situation was posing a health hazard in the community.

Mr Munyama noted that residents had been cleaning but the garbage being generated was not collected.

He said during a meeting at the Council that residents were worried with the sad state of affairs.

But Livingstone City Council Town Clerk, Gertrude Chibiliti, attributed the challenge to the faulty loader.

Ms Chibiliti, however, said whenever the ZNS loader was free, the local authority had asked for help to clear garbage in some townships.

She said that the model of the front-end loader at the Livingstone City Council very old and requires an overhaul.

And Director Engineering Services, Liftray Ndaba, said that the required spare part was about K49,000 and could only be purchased in Lusaka.


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