Man, 49 in court for defilement


A 49 year old man of Senanga District in Western Province is appearing before court for allegedly defiling a 4 year old girl of the same district.

Facts before the court are that the accused identified as Isilimwe Inamba on June 22, 2020 around 17 hours allegedly defiled a four year old girl, the daughter of his niece at his house.

The accused pleaded not guilty when he appeared before magistrate Kebby Sebitwani in Senanga Magistrate court.

During cross examination, a witness aged  25   who is the mother to the victim narrated that on the stated date, Mr Inambao allegedly defiled the girl when she left her at home while she went to witness a fight at the neighbor’s house.

“We are renting at Mr Inambao’s plot who is my uncle and on that date, there was a fight at the neighbor’s house and I left my two children at the house to witness what was happening,” she stated.

“When I returned home I found my daughter sleeping and crying in the house, when I asked her why she was crying she said she had pains in her stomach and private parts as her grandfather Mr Inambao had canal knowledge of her,” she further added.

Ms Malyata said  when she checked her daughter, the  private part was bruised, swollen and was unable to walk that is when she got water to clean her.

She further told the court that, family members were informed before taking the matter to the police but relatives of the accused pleaded with her not to report the matter to the police by suggesting that Mr Inambao pay two herds of cattle as compensation.

“He even agreed to pay me two herds of cattle during the family meeting but I decided to report to Katuya Police the following day and was later directed to Victim Support Unit and the police took the child to the hospital for medical examination,” Ms Mulyata said.

Meanwhile the Public Prosecutor asked the witness to identify the medical report and it was identified and presented to the magistrate and has been marked as ID one.

Further, Patricia Muyunda aged 67 a family member also appeared before court to testify on the case.

Mrs Muyunda said on the same day around 18 hours the victim’s mother called her to inform her that the accused had defiled her child

“I decided to call for the accused but he was no were to be found and the compound, I checked the girl and only saw yellow spots on her private part,” Mrs Muyunda narrated.

And when given chance to question the witness, the accused asked why no one saw him defiling the girl as the compound has other houses.

However, in response Ms Mulyata stated that no one saw the incident as it occurred in his house and no one could see them and the child could not scream for fear.

The case has since been adjourned to August 24, 2020 for continued trial and while the accused remains in custody.



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