Woman strangles own baby

Muchinga Commissioner of Police, Joel Njase

A 20-YEAR-OLD woman in Mafinga has been arrested for allegedly killing her newly born baby after giving birth.

Agnes Namutambo of Changalabantu village in Mafingadistrict is alleged to have strangled the baby with a chitengematerial which the police found wrapped around the baby’s neck.

Muchinga Province Commissioner of police, Joel Njase, explained that Namutambo’s husband, Moses Simukonda, 39, reported that his second wife had killed her baby.

According to the police who visited the scene, after killing the baby, the accused bundled the dead body in the sack bag which she hid in the bathing shelter.

“Brief facts of the matter are that Namutambo had gone into a marriage with a one month old pregnancy which she had before marrying her current husband, but she was afraid of the consequences if the husband discovered the truth,” Mr Njaseexplained.

He added that Namutambo seized the opportunity to kill her baby when her husband went to visit his first wife.

“The woman got married without the man noticing that she was already pregnant, therefore, after giving birth, she decided to kill the baby so he would not know that the baby was not his,” he narrated.

The family has since been advised to bury the body and mark the grave while Namutambo is currently in police custody and will appear in court soon.



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