LCC revises fees to formalise unplanned settlements

LCC public relations manager, George Sichimba


THE Lusaka City Council (LCC) has reduced the regularization fee for unplanned settlements from K7,000 to K2,500 with immediate effect.

LCC Public Relations manager George Sichimba said that the local authority charged regularisation fee on all developers in unplanned settlements so that their structures and settlements can be regularised for them to obtain ownership documents.

“At the moment 300 occupancy licences remain uncollected in the Council Deeds Registry because owners have failed to pay a conditional regularisation fee,” he said.

“LCC hopes that the affected developers will take advantage of the Council’s gesture to promptly pay the revised fees and obtain ownership documents.”

He said that the approval to reduce the fee was passed by the Administrator, Mr Nixon Nkwapu, sitting as Council during the Second Ordinary Council meeting held in the Council Chamber on Friday.

Mr Sichimba said that the resolution has been made in the spirit of empowering the citizenry with property ownership in line with the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP).

He stated that the proposal to reduce the fee was made by LCC management after noticing that the affected developers were failing to pay the fee leading to them to failing to collect occupancy licences.

“The Council also approved applications for adoption of selected roundabouts in the city by private companies.

“The selected roundabouts are Mandevu, Chingwere, SOS, Heroes and Addis Ababa Roundabouts,” he said.

He, however, stressed that the Council deferred all applications for creation, extension and regularisation of plots in planned areas until physical site verifications are done to avoid encumbrances.


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