Choma rejects dam project

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A Civil Society Organisation in Choma has called on other CSOs to stand together and reject the decision by Government to turn Choma Dam a water reticulation reservoir into a recreation facility.

This was after Choma District Commissioner Protacial Mulenga stated that Government is in the process of setting up a
recreational facility at the Dam in the quest to make Choma an investment destination.

But Zambia Corruption Prevention Watchdog Executive Director Jonathan Muchindu said the Dam is a water reservoir for the
entire district and if the authorities felt it has outlived its usefulness, they should consider refurbishing it.

Mr Muchindu said during the Action Aid Zambia Workshop on Training CSOs on Principles of Good Governance and State
Accountability said the Dam has Ecological benefits looking at the adverse climate changes that the planet is faced with.

“The Dam has ecological benefits to our ecosystem, am lobbying all CSOs to stand up with one voice and say ‘No’ to the
closure of the Dam.”

“Parks can be set up anywhere , let us petition Government to rescind the decision,” he said.

And Sipho Mwanaza from Open Net Zambia an Organisation involved in Climate change said, Choma’s population is growing at a fast rate and drilling of Bore holes is a health hazard as some people are not connected to the Sewerage system.
Meanwhile the utility Company Southern Water and Sanitation Company Acting Regional Manager Warren Habeenzu
expressed worry at the drying up of the Dam and stated that the decision by Government is a move in the right path.


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