Defilement must end


THERE are many twisted minds living amongst us, as evidenced by the heinous defilement cases we continue to record.

There have been cases of grandfathers defiling their own biological child – but worse still a three-year-old.
Other reports are of a 9-year-old impregnated by an unknown man.

And now out of Muchinga Province, the police disclosed the arrest of a man in Nakonde suspected to be behind a spate
of incidences of rape and defilement in the area.

The arrest of the suspect was after an angry mob descended on him when word went round that he was about to defile a
young girl and was late taken to police.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Joel Njase confirmed the incident.

Engineer Njase said facts are that Mulenga Ngandu aged 35 tried attempted to forcefully give a K10 to a 12 year old girl
who was going to the market so that he could have carnal knowledge of her.

The Police Commissioner said the young girl refused the sexual demands of Ngandu and shouted for help.
”it was at that point that the mother to the girl and community members heard the minor’s distress call and responded
with a mob to rescue her,” Engineer Njase said.

The Police Chief added that the angry mob later apprehended the suspect and descended on him by beating him with
stones, sticks, fists and other objects.

Engineer Njase said according to information reaching the police, the suspect is believed to be behind a number of rape
and defilement cases that have recently rocked Chiyanya community leading the mob to beat the suspect.
It is sad that such predators exist amongst us.

The fact that the girl quicky assessed the situation and called for help is commendable.

Had it not been for her action, nobody knows how many victims there could have been.

Many women do not know the procedure to follow in such and incident and the Police Service must ramp up knowledge
relating to sexual offences.

The Police Commissioner said concerned members of the public rescued the suspect and took him to Tazara Police
station where he was later transferred to Nakonde main Police Station.

Engineer Njase said Ngandu was issued with a medical report and received treatment for the wounds he had sustained in
the beatings.

The 35 year old suspect is currently in Police custody and the docket of the case has been opened.

Chiyanga community has in the recent past experienced an increase in a number of defilement and rape cases which has led to the death of 2 female juveniles since June this year.


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