Chiefs want more projects in CB rural

Chief Lumpuma of Lufwanyama


COPPERBELT rural has not benefited much from the mines in terms of Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR), Chief Lumpuma of Lufwanyama district has complained.

The traditional leader said it was unfortunate that the rural parts of the province were neglected despite contributing much to the GDP of the country.

Chief Lumpuma that the mines only concentrated in urban areas which he said were already developed.

“We have been complaining because we have not seen the benefits of having copper mining activities that take place in our areas,” he said.

The chief wondered why areas on the Copperbelt were not getting the treatment that areas in North-Western were getting when they both carried out the same activities.

He said that the mining companies operating in North-Western province did not neglect rural areas but took development to all parts of the province regardless of the set up.

Chief Lumpuma demanded that the same situation be seen on the Copperbelt which he said contributed hugely to the development of the country.

“At times we are shocked to learn that small mining companies that are new rural parts of the province are doing much more than what old companies are doing,” he said.

The traditional leader further called on the Ministry of Mines to ensure that Copperbelt especially the rural part also gets a share of the national cake.


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