Dandy Krazy drops new single



WHEN everyone was anticipating that he will unleash a politically-motivated song ahead of the 2021 general elections, musician Wesley Chibambo aka Dandy Krazy is busy making his own music and doesn’t seem to be bothered by public opinion.

The artiste known for hits like ‘ Donchi Kubeba’ and ‘ KolopaDot.Com’ recently attracted most people’s attention on social media when a video of him trying to sample an instrumental of what people suspected to be his new political song went viral. However, Dandy is not moved by people’s speculations and this week he released a whole different new song called ‘Akaletela’.

This is a single released under Kalandanya Music Promotions, where Dandy and many top local artistes are signed.

The song which brings the typical Dandy Krazy dance style was  produced by Shenky Shugar.

It has a mixture of tunes and prominent is the Afro-Zambian blend. Dandy and Shenky have worked together on several successful songs including the recent hit single ‘ Chilatunta tunta’. ‘ Akaletela’ has already found its way on top music playlists and charts, and it is a clear proof of how the chemistry between Shenky and Dandy works.

In the song, Dandy is praising some beautiful, fine looking girl that can land one in trouble if not careful. The artiste is soon to release a video and he is certain the song will keep Zambia entertained.


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