I don’t want weird sex

...hubby obsessed with sex in police uniform sued for divorce



A man in the habit of making love to his wife only in her police uniform has been dragged to court for divorce.

Janet Phiri 31, a constable in the police service of Makeni Villa has dragged her husband of three years , Edwin Ngoma 28, a business man of the same locality for divorce.

Facts before magistrate Mubukwanu Matalaka are that the couple got married in 2017 and have one child, a  boy aged two , under traditional marriage with the groom having paid full bride price of K13, 000.

Phiri narrated to the court that ever since they got married her husband has always wanted to make love to her in her work uniform, something she says she found weird.

She said for 3 years she has tried to be strong over the matter but it was too much and that she informed her husband’s family over the same.

She said her husband has never complimented her if she is not in her uniform and that he would never touch her if she was in her civil clothes.

“I’m only attractive to my husband if I’m in my police uniform. In these other clothes he won’t even look at me as someone worth of being his wife and  I’m tired of this bizarre behavior . I want a divorce, when we were boyfriend and girlfriend he wouldn’t mind whatever clothes I wore,” Ms. Phiri said.

In his defense  . Ngoma said it was not true that he was only attracted to his wife when she is in her police uniform.

He said he just preferred her in the uniform in the bedroom because she too liked it in the uniform and that it was an agreed idea.

 Ngoma said the real reason why his wife wants a divorce is because he recently started a car business with his former schoolmate who is a female.

“To be honest I’m shocked why we are here, how can a normal human being only be attracted to his wife in the police uniform alone. The true reason why she wants a divorce is because recently I started a car business with my former schoolmate who is female and married to my other former schoolmate.  Your honor this woman is full of jealous, she likes it when I’m suffering and begging her for money,” Ngoma said.

Meanwhile Magistrate Matalaka said he cannot grant divorce on such issues and has asked the two families to come to together and help the young couple in their marriage.

The judge added that the young couple must understand that in marriage decisions are made together and that, that was what it means to be one.


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