Risking investments


IT is sad to see upcoming entrepreneurs continue to put their livelihoods at risk by putting up mobile money booths that have not been sanctioned by the council.

It is disheartening to hear that the Livingstone City Council (LCC) has razed down 11 mobile money booths for causing traffic obstruction in the streets of the city.

One man’s poison is another man’s cup of tea and in this case one man’s business is another person’s eyesore.

Many urban areas have seen the sprouting of mobile money booths around popular streets. Very often they take up walk ways and in this case, the booths were causing obstruction to traffic.

This follows complaints from motorists and members of the public.

Council Assistant Public Relations Manager, Mumba Mafwenko, said many booths had been removed from Mosi-oa-tunya Road near the traffic lights.

According to the report the mobile money booths will be relocated to designated areas where owners will be conducting business from.

“The council police swung into action after receiving complaints from the members of the public motorists that the mobile money booths in the 217 Area just after the traffic lights are causing obstruction to the drivers using the Mosi-oa-tunya road,” she said.

The rise in popularity of mobile money payments has contributed to the growth in numbers of mobile money operators and it has created an opportunity for many youth to earn a living.

However, when these booths begin to be a public nuisance the City Fathers must be respected when they swing into action.

It is not a time to side with wrong doers but instead it provides an opportunity for other would-be business persons to familiarise themselves with all legal requirements.

According to Ms Mafwenko the local authority has also removed some mobile money booths in the central business district.

She indicated that some of the mobile money booth operators have no permits from the council.

“We have also noted that some of the mobile money booth operators have not been in touch with the local authority so that they can be granted the authority to use the areas which they want to operate from,” she said.

Indeed, it is only prudent that mobile money booth owners should ensure that they get their trading licence before they start transacting with their clients.

There are laws that guide business operations and it would be wise for business owners to abide.

There is no space for mob psychology in the decision to erect booths wherever they desire. People power will not save anyone from the long arm of the law.

Instead of risking loss it is better to observe the laws.


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