Pastor rejects old wife she manipulated him into marriage

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THERE was Laughter in the Kanyama local court after a pastor of Miracles by Faith Pentecostal Church in Lusaka cried as he rejected his wife for being older than him.

Anthony Musonda, 34, of John Howard, a Pastor of the mentioned Church has asked the court to end his 2 year marriage because his wife is older than him.

But his wife Lucy Mweemba, 40, mother of 4, a house wife/ marketeer, of Misis Compound refused to have their marriage dissolved claiming that her husband has already wasted her time.

Facts before the court are that, the two got married in January, 2018 under traditional law with K4000 dowry partially paid.

Musonda narrated to the court that he was only helping Mweembaafter her first marriage with her husband had ended due to infidelity.

Musonda said Mweemba tricked him into marriage when he accepted to take them in for the sake of children.

“Your honor me I never wanted marriage with this woman in the first place because she is older than me but she tricked me into marriage after I helped her and her children,”Musonda said.

The pastor also said that after helping her move in his house Mweemba then started to seduce him by wearing clothes that were revealing her thighs.

The pastor added that when he realized how stranded Mweemba was he decided to ask her to marry him but she refused.

“I had asked her to marry me but she refused , later we started having sex and then she told me she was pregnant, I then decided to marry her for the sake of the child but now that she had a miscarriage I don’t want this old lady anymore because she is manipulative,” Musonda said.

In her defense Mweemba denied ever seducing Musonda, saying that it was because of him that her marriage ended.

Mweemba said her and Anthony had been seeing each other while she was still married to her ex-husband and he only divorced her upon discovering their affair. 

“tina yamba kuyenda pa modzi nikali okwatiwa ine, aba ba pastor ndiye bana siliza chikwati change, lyonse nika yenda ku church kwabo, benzo Kamba ati, Mulungu aba uza ati ine nifunika ku kwatilana nab ve”, Mweemba said.

She said that marriage arrangements were properly followed and both families know each other.

She added that her husband wants marriage to end because his found another woman who promised to buy him a car.

“manje ine bani taila kudala time so sinifuna chisile chikwati,ngati nimpali tizankala, otherwise I will not leave his house since he ended my first marriage,” she said.

Meanwhile magistrate Mubukwanu Matalaka after consulting from both families granted Mr. Musonda divorce on a condition that he should compensate Mweemba k3000 for wasting her time.


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