Council of Chiefs advises Kangombi to stop masquerading as senior chief


The Northwestern Province Council of Chiefs has advised Sub-chief Kangombi of the Nkoya speaking people in Manyinga District to stop masquerading as a senior chief of Manyinga District as he is not gazetted by law.

Presiding over a committee of the Provincial Council of Chiefs, chief Mumena said traditional leaders throughout the country are supposed to regulate themselves at all time by acting responsibly to allow peace to prevail.

Chief Mumena said this in Kabompo yesterday when he addressed a group of traditional leaders of Manyinga and Kabompo during a consultative meeting aimed at addressing existing traditional issues in the two districts.

“We are all to regulate ourselves by acting reasonable as traditional leaders at all times as the President wishes to see peace prevail in all parts of the country,” chief Mumena.

He said it is unfortunate to note that most of the resolutions made in the previous meeting last year were not acted upon, hence traditional issues in the districts have continued to drag.

The traditional leader further advised the local authority and the district administration to ensure that the revised resolutions made are acted upon within seven days to correct the situation.

“Kindly act and ensure that all resolutions thoroughly discussed in todays closed door meeting be acted upon within seven days and followed by those in mention,” he said.

Some resolutions include, the title of sub chief to seize with immediate effect and those appointed as such be known by village senior headmen or women.

He said non-compliance to the resolutions shall attract legal implication by the Zambia police and the local authority.

He added that all sign posts of non-gazzeted chiefs be demolished and all purported chief stamps be surrendered to the district commissioner’s office and council secretary within seven days.

“Sign post of non-gazzeted chiefs should be demolished within seven days, all purported chief stamps must be surrendered to the DC and council secretary office as non-compliance will attract legal enforcement by local authorities and Zambia police,” he said.

Chief Mumena also said headmen and sub chief retainers should no longer wear government uniforms as that will be regarded as impersonation.

“Kapasos of all headmen or women should stop wearing government uniforms with immediate effect as continuous use will be regarded as impersonation,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, Northwestern Provincial Joint Operations Committee Chairperson, Brigadier General, BlacksonNyoni said it is unusual to involve men in uniform to sort out traditional wrangles but because the issues had dragged for a long time, it was important for the law enforcers to be involved for the sake of peace.

“Normally it is not usually our task to resolve such issues but because these issues have continued to drag and has slowly spread to other parts of Northwestern province, thus government saw it fit that we get involved,” Brig Gen Nyoni said.

He said the resolutions made in the meeting were not business as usual and should therefore, be taken seriously as the template has already been laid on the table and all responsible persons should act upon what has been laid down.

“What has been discussed today is not business as usual as the template has been laid on the table with all responsible people identified to enforce the resolutions,” Brig Gen Nyoni said.

He expressed happiness that chief Kalunga and senior chief Sikufele have agreed to sort out their differences and appealed to the subjects to follow suit as breaking peace is easier than making it.

“I am glad that the two chiefs have agreed to make peace and I appeal to the subjects to follow what their traditional leaders have agreed,” Brig Gen Nyoni said

Meanwhile, Sub Chief Kangombi said the house of chiefs has no power to strip him off as chief as he is a senior chief for all Nkoyapeople and calling him a senior headman is an insult.

“I am a senior chief of Nkoya people and not a headman, this is an insult I have a high court ruling which says I am a chief, do you have power to stop me from being a chief? No, I can’t accept this,” he said.

He has since vowed to challenge the resolutions made by the House of Chiefs by all means necessary.



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