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With the entertainment industry highly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, most clubs and hangouts are shut down in the country.

This has further impacted on lack of income for club DJs, a situation that prompted female raga trio Davaos to reach out to them in form of donations.

Led by Anivao Phiri, Davaos mobilised food stuffs and grocery to reach out to Lusaka-based DJs under their umbrella body DJs Association of Zambia.

“Having  everyone affected so badly by the Coronavirus pandemic, weather employed or not, it’s been hard and we felt that the club DJ’s are the most affected,” said Anivao in explaining the initiative to give. “As we all know,  club’s are closed, no business,   no shows, no entertainment. So our team, “The Davaos” and the help of our producer Kekero and fellow artiste Rexious, we decided to reach out to some of our brothers and sisters (Club Djs) with the little we could donate.”

She said the DJs are a big inspiration to millions that follow their work hence the need to reach out to them. “Keep doing your best as you entertain us all. God bless everyone who touches lives in one way or another. Everything comes from God and we have shared with our friends only what has comes from the Lord,” she said.

“Special thanks to Peter Kunda, God bless you sir as you bless others. We have never met such a humble regional CEO @petku academy School. Thank you.”

And receiving the donation on behalf of the DJs, Association president Aaron Mkandiwire aka DJ 800 said  he was deeply thankful to Davaos for their wonderful gesture.

“Today was specifically for Lusaka-based DJs. We are however working to partner with other stakeholders to ensure that the same is done to DJs all over the country,” said DJ 800.

” We currently have a membership of almost 200 DJs countrywide and will work tirelessly to aid them in any way possible.”


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