Mabvuto Nguni gives up Sports Council post



BARELY three months after the National Sports Council of Zambia held it’s elective general meeting, one board member has decided to resign owing to what he describes as personal commitments.

Executive board member, Mabvto Nguni has resigned from the council that he was elected into on 13 June 2020.

Minister of Sports Emmanuel Mulenga is yet to ratify the new executive board.

In a letter dated 5 September 2020 addressed to the chairman of the National Sports Council of Zambia, Nguni stated: “I have with immediate effect decided to resign as a board member for National Sports Council of Zambia and as such I tender in my resignation. May I take this opportunity to thank you and the entire board for welcoming me to the board after the elections. It’s my sincere hope and trust that the board will carry its mandate to the highest level of expectations of the councillors. My decision comes as a result of my huge personal commitment,” reads the letter.

Nguni was voted as board member of the national sports council of Zambia on 13 June 2020.

Meanwhile, Handball Association of Zambia general secretary Josab Changa, who is also a board member of the Sports Council has asked Nguni to reverse his decision so that the team they can transform sports in the country.

So far sports federations have been eagerly waiting to see the new board‘s actions in transforming sports after being voted into office three months ago.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the sports disciplines have decided to end their activities for the year and their hope has been for the Sports Council board to act as a voice for the 49 associations to address their various concerns.

Acting general secretary for the National Sports Council of Zambia Raphael Mulenga insists that the board members have been working.

“Let me start answering your questions on the letter of resignation by Mr. Nguni, I have not yet received the letter but I have just heard of it as news as well. I can’t comment on anything as I still need to look at what is next.”

“Coming to the new board, which was voted in, all I can say is that its active, it’s functioning because they form a quorum so they can sit and hold a meeting to deliberate on issues,” said Mulenga.


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