MP rubbishes ‘social media lies’



SOCIAL media has become a platform for spreading lies by political opponents to make popular Members of Parliament unpopular, Nakaonde Member of Parliament Yizukanji Siwanzi has stated.

Reacting to a social media story that he was chased and beaten by people in his constituency for failing to deliver, Mr Siwanzi said that as a result of desperation, the opposition are now using social media by trying to publish falsehoods about Members of Parliament with intent to make them unpopular.

He said contrary to the allegations, he was in Chinsali over the weekend where the President was opening the provincial conference.

“How is it possible that I can be in two places at the same time, because that day I was in Chinsali attending the provincial conference which saw some of the members elected members of the executive committee.

“This is a sign of desperation by the opposition to try and make popular PF MP unpopular, for me I am happy that my existence is threatening others, it is unfortunate because the accusations are misleading the people.

He noted that the opposition should not blame anyone when they lose in 2021 because instead of telling the people what they will do for the people, they were busy wasting time spreading lies on social media.

The Nakonde law maker stated that Members of Parliament from the ruling PF are busy delivering on promises as was evident with the development and people cannot be cheated.

“People cannot be lied to, we are delivering projects when they lose, they shouldn’t cry foul because they not telling people what they will do for the people.

“The same picture and story circulated some time back and that it was a member of Parliament from Kenya so I wonder if it also happened in Kenya,” he said.


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