Vendors vandalise new pavers

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SANFROSSA MANYINDA writes @sunzambian

SOME vendors on Chisokone One Way in Kitwe have started vandalizing the newly constructed pavers at the place.
A check by the Daily Nation found vendors selling on the new pavers with others removing the barriers that the contractor placed to stop people from disturbing the works.

The vendors and some residents had been trespassing on the new works disregarding the fact that the construction was still fresh, thereby causing damage before completion.
Kitwe District Commissioner (DC), Chileshe Bweupe, has thus called for mindset change among residents.
Mr Bweupe said Government was spending colossal sums of money on developmental projects especially in the road sector, further describing vandalism as unfair and retrogressive.
“The developments we are seeing should cheer us and not the other way round. Let us guard these facilities jealously and avoid taking government’s development agenda backwards,” he said.
Mr Bweupe emphasised the need to educate members of the public to take ownership of such infrastructure and avoid vandalism.
The DC further warned that the law would not hesitate to deal with those who would abrogate Government directives.


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