Zambia commemorates Albinism Awareness Day

Elias Kamanga

GOVERNMENT has reiterated its commitment towards improving the welfare of people living with Albinism in the country.
Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary (PS), Elias Kamanga said government will include in the national budget, activities that will bring to fruition the aspirations of albinos and other concerned groups. Mr Kamanga said everyone should play a role in curbing violence against people living with Albinism.

ZANIS reports that the PS said this in a speech read on his behalf by Lusaka District Commissioner, David Silubanje during the commemoration of International Albinism awareness Day in Lusaka yesterday.
He assured that government will collaborate with stakeholders to protect people living with albinism against any form of discrimination.
“The theme for this year resonates well with the Patriotic Front government aspirations since 2011 to protect the people living with Albinism and we are working in line with international protocols. This group of people continue to live in fear but we will protect them from any form of discrimination,” he said.
Mr Kamanga hailed cooperating partners such as the National Albinism Initiative Networking of Zambia and Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAPD) for collaborating with government towards improving the welfare of people living with Albinism.
And National Albinism Initiative Networking of Zambia Member, Ruth Zulu called on government and other stakeholders to devise a national albinism policy that will help to adequately address the challenges that people with albinism face.
Ms Zulu who hailed government following the 2014 United Nations protocol on Albinism, said people with Albinism are faced with many challenges that need urgent attention.
She pointed out that albinos face discrimination ranging from attacks and lack of representation in the country’s governance structures.
“Recent attacks on us have really instilled fear in us and l am calling on other stakeholders to ensure they come to our aid through the provision of sun glasses and sun screen lotions. While, we acknowledge the support of government to us, we call upon government to devise a national albinism policy that will work on our challenges and improve our welfare,” she stressed.
Many people living with Albinism gathered at Lusaka Hotel to commemorate the International Albinism Awareness Day which was held under the theme “Zambia for all without living anyone behind.”
The country has over 25,000 people living with Albinism. – ZANIS


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