Esther Lungu Foundation aids Chongwe NGO in charity works amid



THE Esther Lungu foundation has donated an undisclosed amount of meat to a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Chongwe to help in food distributions to vulnerable households amid Covid-19.
In an interview, Beacon of Sharing Centre (BoSC), president, Oscar Kaleya disclosed that the Esther Lungu Foundation donated the undisclosed amount of beef to help the NGO. He said that the donation would help the NGO meet its demands of donations it was making to identified vulnerable households in different villages in Chongwe.
He revealed that his organization was distributing food and clothing to vulnerable groups in phases and was yesterday in Mwantalasha village. He said that more than 20 households received beef and second hand clothes which were donated by the Esther Lungu Foundation and other well-wishers respectively. The organization also distributed groceries and Covid-19 preventive materials such as facemasks and soap valued at K1, 000.00.
Mr. Kaleya thanked the Foundation for supporting his organization in its undertaking. He said that the donation was a boost to the organization that war solved to reach out to as more vulnerable households. He said that food security was negatively affected especially among the vulnerable groups of society and as such there was need for charity organizations to extend a helping hand.
He disclosed that the NGO was distributing the items in strict adherence to Covid-19 guidelines and was taking the food to the homes of beneficiaries. He said that this was being done in order to avoid gathering people at one place. He thanked the members for being supportive of the program and urged them to continue. He pledged that his organization would continue responding to the needs of the vulnerable as this was its core business and mandate.
Mr. Kaleya who also runs a wholesale business in the CBD of Chongwe called on the business community and well-wishers to help his organization in its undertaking.


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