Four children in Rufunsa burnt to death as they were practicing cooking

Police spokesperson, Esther Katongo


Child-play by four children in Rufunsa did not end well as the children were yesterday burnt to death when the house they
were practicing house roles (Manyengwe or ukubuta) from caught fire.

Zambia police spokesperson, Esther Katongo confirmed the development in a press statement. She stated that the incident
happened around 14:00 hours on September 10th.
The four children aged between 4 and 7 years and of the same family were burnt to death in Mutetesha village in Rufunsa’s
chief Bundabunda’s chiefdom.
Ms. Katongo disclosed that the matter was reported by the children’s grandmother, Jelina Chiyokoma aged 63 yrs of the above
She identified the victims as female, Dainess Mabenga aged 6 yrs, female, Magdalena Chalila aged 7 yrs, female, Belita
Mabenga aged 4 yrs and female, Beatrice Banda aged 5 yrs all of the same address.
The children were said to have been playing in an abandoned grass thatched house which was about 50 metres from their
The house is said to have caught fire in the course of the children’s play. The children were practicing how to cook when the
house caught fire.
Police confirmed that they visited the scene and have since launched an inquiry.


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