Woman dragged to court for assault


A 52 years old woman has been arraigned to the Choma Fast Track Court for Gender Based Violence for allegedly
assaulting her nephew over firewood.

In this matter Alice Muzyamba of Choma’s Mbole village is charged with Assault on a Child contrary to the Laws of Zambia.
Allegations are that Muzyamba assaulted a named juvenile boy of 14 years and thereby occasioning him actual bodily harm.
The incident is said to have occured on 22 August 2019 when the two had an altercation over firewood which the victim was
gathering in her Aunts farm.
When she appeared for plea before Resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri, the accused person strongly denied the allegation levelled
against her.
Court: Have you understood the charge read to you?
Court: And how do you plead?
Muzyamba: I deny.
Court: You deny?
Muzyamba: Yes.
Court: I record a plea of not guilty.
After recording a plea of not guilty, matter could not proceed into trial despite the State indicating that they were ready to proceed
with three witnesses.
This was after the accused person applied that she engages legal representation.
The matter was adjourned to September 16, 2020 for trial .
Muzyamba’s police bond was extended.


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