Musician’s tears moves court



A 28-YEAR-OLD musician from Kalomo cried uncontrollably in the Choma Magistrates Court forcing the Magistrate to stand down the matter for at least 20 minutes so he could calm down and compose himself.
In this matter Clama Mukonka was appearing before Court for Facts in a matter he was charged with Trafficking in Psychotrotropic Substances contrary to the Laws of Zambia.
Mukonka eralier pleaded guilty to trafficking in 5.51 grammes of Marijuana a herbal product of Cannabis Sativa without lawful authority.
According to the facts dictated by Senior Public Prosecutor Alex Syulikwa , the accused was apprehended at the Police station for another offence , it was during the body search that the contraband was found on him.
Immediately the prosecutor finished dictating the Facts , Senior Resident Magistrate Idah Mupemo noticed that Mukonka had soaked himself in tears, when she asked what the matter was , the accused could not respond but continued crying forcing her to stand the matter down.
When the matter was recalled after 20 minutes, immediately he entered the Dock Mukonka broke down again, this made the Court to explain to him that if he couldn’t compose himself, she would be forced to adjourn the matter until such a time he was emotionally ready.
Mukonka finally managed to compose himself and pleaded for leniency, “because of my foolishness my children are suffering” he said in between sobs.
Magistrate Mupemo sentenced him to 12 months in Jail with hard labour but suspended the sentence for 24 months after considering his cries.
But she warned him that next time he is convicted the minimum sentence is 10 years.


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