Ivory lands 2 in court

File Photo: Lusaka Magistrate Court.

Two Lusaka men have been dragged to court for unlawful possession of ivory weighing four kgs.
Appearing at the Lusaka magistrates court before magistrate Alice Walusiku was Saidi Kunda and Laston Mwila accused of unlawful Possession of prescribed trophy.

Bright Kolala 32 an officer at Zambia National Parks and Wildlife said it was in November 2019 at the office in Chilanga when he received a docket of unlawful possession of prescribed trophy.
He said there were four cut pieces of suspected elephant ivory in wrapped in a white plastic bag and put in a black laptop bag.
He said his colleague brought in five men namely Saidi Kunda, Kayz Kalaluka, Chiko Mwatafali, Jonas Odie and Joseph Banda.
He said Kunda revealed that the other four suspects were his friends and escorted from city Market.
He said Kunda told him that he was carrying a black bag and that his friends were not aware what was in the bag.
He said he interviewed the other four suspects and they told the same story and later they were released.
He interviewed Kunda on where he got the ivory and he told that he got the Ivory from Rodgers Tembo who asked him to sell.
He said he made a plan and told Kunda to call Rodgers Tembo and inform him that he had sold the Ivory and they should meet at Chawama.
He said he organised other officers and together with Kunda they went to Chawama and managed to apprehend Rodgers Tembo.
He said Tembo revealed that he got the ivory from Laston Mwila.
He said they used the same strategy and asked Tembo to call Mwila informing him that he had sold the Ivory and they should meet so that he can collect his money.
He said they apprehended Mwila and when asked where he got the ivory, he said from Charles Muleya.
He said he asked Mwila to take them to Chinsali were Muleya lives and he agreed.
He said Mwila took the officers to Chinsali unfortunately they did not find the man he talked about.
He said he took the ivory to an expert for authenticity test and it was confirmed to be elephant ivory weighing four kgs.
He said he asked the Kunda and Mwila if they had any certificate allowing them to be in possession of Ivory of which they didn’t have.
In cross examination Kunda said he did not have any questions.
Mwila: What did you find on me?
Mr.Kolala: Nothing.
Mwila: Didn’t I say I don’t know anything about that Ivory?
Mr. Kolala: No, because you said that Charles Muleya gave you the ivory and willingly you took the officers to Chinsali in search of Muleya.


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