59 dogs shot dead

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ABOUT 59 dogs have been killed in Luanshya in an exercise to get rid of unlicensed and stray pets in the mining town.The development, sparked consternation among residents in Mikomfwa, who started throwing stones, forcing the enforcement
team to stop the exercise.

In the same vein, the Luanshya Municipal Council has issued more than 600 dog licences
During the exercise, residents in Mikonfwa started throwing stones and other missiles in an attempt to block public health
inspectors, who were conducting their duties.
According to the local authority, the control of dogs act Chapter 247 of laws of Zambia gives powers to the council to destroy
unvaccinated and unconfirmed dogs through shooting by snipers from state police.
Council Public Relations Manager, Gideon Thole, said that a combined team of council public health inspectors and officers from
the veterinary department registered 646 dogs.
Owners of the pets were issued with licences during the ongoing mobile dog registration programme, taking place across district.
He said the 59 dogs were eliminated through shooting and were disposed of in accordance with the law.
“We therefore advise residents of Minkonfwa Township to desist from frustrating efforts to stop the spread of rabies and dog
bites and controlling dog population exercise according the provision of the public health and control of dogs Act,” he said.
Mr Thole said that the council would not tolerate the provocative behaviour by the residents.
He said that the hostile and life threatening acts by residents, forced a team of public health inspectors and veterinary officers to
withdraw from their duty.


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