Duo deny land fraud charge

... accused of obtaining K2,500 for farm plot


MULENGA MUSONDA writes @SunZambian

TWO men have been dragged to the Choma Magistrates Court for duping a woman out of K2,500 in the pretext that they had a plot for sale when in fact not.
Fellow Mulinda 54, a Farmer and Watson Chaluza, Choma’s New Kabanana Township Chairman are jointly charged with Obtaining Money by False Pretenses contrary to the Laws of Zambia.
Allegations are that the two on dates unknown but between September 2013 and September 2020 with intent to defraud obtained K2,500 cash from Josephine Siatwinda in the pretext that
they had a plot for sale when in fact not.
When the two appeared for plea before Magistrate Muyambango Munukayumbwa, they both denied the allegations levelled against them.
Court: A1 have you understood the charge? Mulinda: I have understood.
Court: How do you plead?
Mulinda: I deny.
Court: A2 have you understood the charge read to you?
Chaluza: I have heard.
Court: Do you admit or deny?
Chaluza: I deny.
Court: I record pleas of not guilty in respect of A1 and A2 respectively.
After entering pleas of not guilty for both accused persons, the Court adjourned the matter to October 12, 2020 for trial following Public Prosecutor Gerald Tembo’s application for an
The two were remanded on police bond.


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