He that is without sin, cast a stone

Judging, condemning others is sinful



But when they continued asking him; he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin, … (John 8:7).
SOMETIMES in our walk on earth as Christians we tend to spend a lot of time looking at our brothers and sisters specks whilst ignoring the logs in our own eyes.

When we find a brother or sister in a sin we quickly judge and condemn them harshly and drag them into disrepute hoping to malign and finish them. That too is sin.
The story in John 8 saw the Pharisees coming to Jesus Christ accusing and condemning to death a woman they caught in adultery (John 8:3).
Surely they had a point but the motive was wicked and targeted at Jesus. As far as they were concerned she was guilty of the sin and their solution was to stone her to death according to their laws.
A closer look at the drama her accusers went beyond her to also find offense with Jesus so that they accuse Him to death.
When Jesus responded to their persistent questions, He challenged them that whoever had never sinned must be the first to cast a stone on her.
The simple but life packed question opened their eyes only to see how they all of them had sinned more than the woman they brought to public ridicule and hence also deserved to be stoned.
Guilty as they were they began leaving one by one, in shame, starting from the oldest to the youngest because they saw the vastness of their personal sins.
Today most Christians we have become judges of others without doing personal introspections.
How many of us have never, hated, lied, gossiped, fornicated, committed adultery or never done any other sins?
What about the looking at a woman or man with a lustful eye? Didn’t Jesus not equate it to full adultery and fornication?
What about those movies we watched where men and women were naked? If you say you have never sinned then you are a superman or you have simply chosen to lie.
Satan and his demons set up various traps against every believer, and many Christians are systematically seduced by various lusts.
Am certain that we aren’t any better than Peter who promised the Lord Jesus that he won’t deny him (Mathew 26:35), but before long he denied Him.
It is vital for us to appreciate that we are only humans saved by God’s grace through faith … which is simply God’s gift (Ephesians 2:8) and that our righteousness is but simply filthy rags in God’s eyes (Isaiah 64:6).
Without God’s help we are all very weak and can fall in sin anytime and anywhere.
Bible is clear that if you think you are standing strong be careful, for you too may be tempted and fall into same sin (1corinthians 10:12).
Giving my own personal example and I believe it may help someone boxed in some sins. Am testifying to the glory of God and not to disgrace myself..
Yes as I walked with the LORD I was so certain that I was morally strong not to fall no matter the temptations.
For over three decades when my first wife was alive I resisted every temptation that came my way.
After her demise I realized that I wasn’t actually as strong as I thought and that she was my cover.
At her demise many women and ladies within and without Zambia saw an opportunity to become Mrs me.
Bane ukufwilya takwawama. The enemy overly and repeatedly tempted me till I succumbed because I couldn’t flee according to His word (1 Corinthians 6:18; 2 Timothy2:22).
WHY DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN? I believe it was because I wasn’t careful according to God’s word (1 Corinthian 10:12).
Having fallen I felt so unworthy of the mercies of God and His forgiveness. In my seeking God for RESTORATION I stopped ministering for a season till I was assured of His love, mercy and forgiveness.
Before I became a victim I never understood why bible characters like Judah, King David, Solomon and others including the likes of Jimmy Swaggart, President Clinton etc messed up and fell.
It is sad that as humans we are quick to look at other people’s sins whilst ignoring our own.
God have mercy on us.
Friends remember our salvation isn’t one of works but of the grace of God through faith (Ephesians 2:8).
God expects those who are spiritual and standing to help lift up those who fall in sins and not to condemn them (Galatians 6:1).
Men and brethren without our total dependence on God’s word no matter how anointed and holy we may be we are prone to fall.
I don’t think King David desired and planned to fall with Bathsheba but it was circumstantial and when he didn’t flee (2Timothy 2:22) lo and behold it was too late he had fallen.
Adam and Eve too didn’t plan to fall but when temptation came and they deliberately ignored God’s word they tragically fell, so did father Abraham with Hagar.
The bible is clear that if we say we have no sin we just are liars 1John 1:8 and if we say we have never sinned we accuse God for a liar 1John1:10).
Ecclesiastes 7:20 confirms how without God all of us can’t do good nor not sin.
Are you struggling with any sin or sins? The same God who forgives all our sins is readily waiting on you to look up to Him for salvation.
I looked to Him, I believed in Him and called upon Him and He washed me with the water of His word and the blood of Jesus, making me whiter than snow and wool.
Come to Jesus today and your story shall change.
Man may run you down but God shall never.
Thank you LORD Jesus Christ for delivering, saving and protecting the woman they caught in adultery.
Bishop Dr.Joseph Shapela Kazhila
General Overseer of The Life Gospel Fellowship Ministries International


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