Matete disowned?

FILE PHOTO: Samuel Matete


THE on-going drama surraounding the Athletics administration has taken another twist with aspiring Zambia Athletics (ZA) presidential hopeful Samuel Matete having been disowned.
With the fast approaching disputed 1 October elective general meeting date approaching, Chambeshi Athletics club has disputed Matete’s association to them.
In an interview, Chambeshi Athletics club chairman Lewis Mwenya said Matete has not been a member of the club for over one year five months saying the tie was cut just when Matete formed his own club.
“I can confirm to you as the chairman for Chambeshi athletics club that Mr. Samuel Matete is not our member his associate to us ended way back when he formed his own club called the Samuel Matete Athletics Academy,” Mwenya said.
“And also let me state here that even when he was our member he never use to attend meetings or any activities with our club. When he formed his club he never wrote any letter to us letting us know that he has moved on but I saw the letter to the Copperbelt area board where we all fall.”
Mwenya said that in line with the athletics constitution one cannot be a member of two clubs.
“As things stand we don’t know him, as Chambeshi. I was even surprised when I saw him on television saying he belongs to Chambeshi Athletics club – not here where I am chairman, maybe somewhere else.”
Matete featured on the ZNBC TV Sport On programme where he claimed that he still belongs to Chambeshi Athletics club since his club is yet to be ratified.
During the same interview the legend said he refused the job of offered to him by Zambia Athletics because it was a verbal offer with no letter of appointment given to him.
On the same programme ZA president Elias Mpondela questioned the continued media debate over his administration, insisting that outsiders were causing unnecessary speculation.
The Copperbelt area board general secretary Mrs. Jeda Phiri recently stated that Matete is not affiliated to any club under the area board.


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