Cooperative initiative to create over 4 million jobs

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The Trans Alliance Cooperative Initiative says it is targeting to employ over 4 million people under its initiative.
Trans Alliance National Coordinator Chilekwa Mwamba said his organisation is rolling out a program of empowering cooperatives with grants in form of machinery to start and grow their businesses.
Mr Mwamba added that it is through this empowerment program that the targeted jobs will be created among communities.
He noted that cooperatives remains a lucrative venture that can grow the country’s economy if well implemented.
Mr Mwamba said this when he handed over start up grants to 17 cooperatives in Julia Chikamoneka ward of Kasama Central Constituency.
And Mr Mwamba has emphasized the need for country not to solely depend on mining but rather diversify into agriculture and other viable sectors.
“Agriculture should be embraced by everyone, it is not a job for only old people but even youths should take an active role and participate if we are to develop our country,” he said.
He has since called for the formation of more cooperatives so as to help transform the local economy.
Speaking at the same event, area councilor Peter Chikweti said the empowerment program will not only help alleviate poverty levels among households but also spur rural development.
Mr Chikweti challenged beneficiaries of the program to come up with innovative ideas that will transform the ward and district as a whole.
Meanwhile, Jonas Chilambwe Chairperson for St Charles Kalolo Lwanga Enterprise who is also a beneficiary of the program has thanked Trans Alliance for the initiative to transform their lives through cooperatives.
Mr Chilambwe said the program will enhance the wellbeing of people in the area and create job opportunities.
“This initiative will help us support our families and improve our living standards,” Chilambwe said.
He also encouraged the beneficiaries to put the money to good use and invest it in viable businesses.
Trans Alliance Cooperatives is implementing an empowerment programme in various sectors where it is empowering cooperative with machinery and implements to set up businesses. – ZANIS


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