Hubby demands bride price refund



A 43 years old man caused laughter in the Choma Local Court when he asked whether he will be refunded his Bride price after his wife divorces him.
This was in a matter in which 33 years old Fridah Mulenga sued her husband Nixon Mwenya seeking Legal Divorce because of his home late comings and deserting her for 5 years.
Mulenga who was the plaintiff testified that the two got married in 2007 and have two children. She said in 2015 he went home very late and she refused to open the door for home, “it was this incidence that made me leave home but surprisingly he has never come so we could reconcile, so all I want is to divorce him,” she testified.
But Mwenya in his defense told the Court that following the birth of their second child, his wife constantly denied him his conjugal rights. “I couldn’t take it anymore so I confronted her about her behaviour as I am the husband who should not beg for sex,” he said.
Mwenya said the moment he complained about the bedroom matter, his wife deserted their matrimonial home and went to leave alone dumping the children at her parents’ place.
Despite Mwenya begging his wife not divorce him as he still loved her, the Court dissolved the union after Mulenga strongly refused to take back her husband of 13 years saying 5 years was too long to desert her.


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