Chanda Na Kay gets massive support at East Point



The famous budding rap duo Chanda Na Kay from Copperbelt on Friday night held its first-ever public performance at East Point Discotech in Lusaka’s Kabwata area.
The show was also the club’s official opening following a long break imposed by the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.
The Kopala-based duo became popular during the COVID-19 restrictions and have never had a chance to do a public performance.
It was therefore inevitable that East Point management chose the lads to have their first interaction with Lusaka fans who specifically enjoy the duo’s music style.
Chanda Na Kay have won the hearts of many with their Kopala lingua and style. They are lyrically gifted and their music chemistry is amazing.
Most of their songs have enjoyed massive support and airplay to make them gain instant fame. This is the more reason their show was well attended and packed to capacity. This show was also briefly attended by Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa who stormed the stage and showed his dance moves to the satisfaction of the audience.
Show hosts KingSuli and Copperbelt’s Jerahyo Inc had difficult times to calm the huge crowd that came to show support to Chanda Na Kay.
The hosts, both known for entertaining stage antics made sure the event was packaged nicely as they offered some supporting artistes chance to showcase their skills with music handled by renowned DJ 800. It was a big moment when Chanda Na Kay stormed the stage. The audience went wild as the two lads unleashed their anthems ‘Chilowe’, ‘ Mbo’ and ‘ Ah nde twa’. The audience responded positively as the party went on. Amongst artistes that came to show support included Mampi, MozB, Yellow Man and more not forgetting King Deza and the American Soldiers.
The show closed around 02:00 hours


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