‘Her Aunt said she was single’


MULENGA MUSONDA writes@SunZambian

A 60-YEAR-OLD man has been dragged to the Choma Magistrates Court in a civil lawsuit on allegations that he has married a woman who is on separation with her husband.
Hastings Hambulo 43, is claiming K20,000 in compensation from Alick Munsaka for committing Adultery with his wife.
When the matter came up for hearing before Senior Resident Magistrate Idah Mupemo, the plaintiff testified that he married his wife Josephine Chimbwete in 2001 through customary marriage and the two have been blessed with 4 children.
He said in 2014 the two separated, but in 2016 when he tried to mend the marriage his in-laws told him that the matter should be taken to Court. He testified that the following year he was accused of impregnating his daughter.
“It was during my Court appearances in 2018 for incest that I learnt of my wife’s marriage to Munsaka and he himself confirmed it to me” he said.
Hambulo stated that he sued at the local Court where Munsaka was ordered to compensate him with K7,500 plus costs but the order was later overturned.
“I was advised to sue my in-laws for giving out my wife into marriage” he said.
But in defense, Munsaka insisted that his marriage to Chimbwete was lawful as he paid K2,000 bride price after the bride’s Aunt confirmed to him that she was single.
“I was so shocked to receive a summon that I was in an adulterous affair with Josephine, her maternal aunt told me that she was single” he testified.
Hearing continues.


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