Yo Maps’ ex-lover speaks out

Mwizukanji shares a 6-month old baby with musician



ZAMBIAN singer, Elton Mulenga popularly known as Yo Maps has abandoned his lover, Mwizukanji and his six months child that marks the climax of a toxic relationship.
Recently, social media has been buzzing with stories about Yo Maps and Mwizukanji going their separate ways, until the singer shared a post on his Facebook page which led to many confirming there was fire on the mountain.
He later deleted the Facebook post.
Rumour had it that the love birds would tie the knot this month and despite reports of infidelity Mwizukanji had continued to come out strongly in support of her lover until now.
In a live emotional video conversation with social media celebrity Aunty Milly, the jilted lover has shared her side of the story accusing Yo Maps of having used her cheated on her even while she was pregnant.
Mwizukanji said after the baby was born in March this year, Yo Maps disappeared for over two months without even calling or texting to check on the welfare of her and the baby.
Worse still, he eventually sent her a text saying he was done with her and that he did not want to see her again.
He accused her of having tried to trap him in a relationship by keeping the baby while other girls had agreed to have abortions.
“After giving birth to baby Bukata, Yo Maps asked me that ‘Why didn’t you abort that chi baby?’,” she said.
She said one day, Yo Maps went with another girl in their matrimonial house where they spent a night together in a different room from where Mwizukanji was sleeping with the baby.
The mother of three also disclosed that at one point, she met him with another girl at Lewanika Mall where they were kissing in the car.
Despite the apparent romantic love that has been on display on social media, Mwizukanji claims Yo Maps could even use her own vehicles to ferry different women.
Mwizukanji further revealed that she was a divorcee and had two children from her previous marriage and that the singer was fully aware.
She said it was painful that Yo Maps could use the excuse of her children and a refusal of an abortion to dump her.
She said she was currently single and dating no one contrary to information that Yo Maps has been feeding social media using his PR team to distort the truth so that many Zambians hate her.
Mwizukanji said she had been taking care of Yo Maps’s family members for a long time.
She concluded by confirming that their relationship had collapsed and that they have parted ways following a series of unresolved issues which rendered their union “toxic”.


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