Lusaka in search for land for burial sites

Mr Simuchimba

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) says it is waiting for government through the ministerial committee to allocate a piece of land where a new burial site for the city can be established.
LCC Public Relations officer George Simuchimba said a new burial site has not yet been found as the local authority is waiting for the responsible ministerial committee to identify a new burial site in the capital city.
Mr Simuchimba said the committee which comprises the ministries of Local government, Lands and Home Affairs is responsible for identifying a new cemetery following the depletion of burial spaces at Leopard hill, Chunga and Chingwere cemeteries.
Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka, Mr Simuchimba said the council has no powers to look for burial sites outside Lusaka saying such responsibilities lie in government officials at higher levels.
And when asked about the comments by Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa’s statement to the media that negotiations were underway to secure land in Kafue district for a burial site, Mr Simuchimba declined to comment.
“It is beyond our jurisdiction, Kafue is another district, and we do not have the powers to go to Kafue. That is why the matter is being addressed at that level,” he said.
Recently, Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa said LCC was negotiating with Kafue council to secure land to open up new burial sites for the city following the filling up of the existing ones.
Lusaka city has run out of burial space leading to challenges by the deceased families in finding alternative burial site.


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