Woman in court for allegedly drugging neighbor to sleep with her

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A LUSAKA resident has dragged his neighbor to Kanyama local court for putting sex pills in his drinking water and wants compensation.
John Mukanda, 30 a businessman of Linda in Chilanga district, sued Angela Nyirenda, 26, a professional escort popularly known as sexworker of the same locality for drugging him via drinking water which led him to sleep with her.
Facts before the court are that the two are neighbors who live in the same yard and that on unknown date but somewhere in August, 2020 Mukanda came home around 19:00 hrs from his usual business of selling clothes in Kamwala when he realized he had forgotten his house keys back at his shop and that it was at this time when he asked if he could have some water as he waited for his friend from another house in the area.
Mukanda said when he got home upon realizing he had forgotten keys, he decided to ask for water from Nyirenda as he waited for his friend who lives two houses away if he can spend a night, that’s how he was drugged.
Mukanda said after taking the water he noticed some impurities and when he asked, Nyirenda said maybe there was something in the cup or it wasn’t properly rinsed.
“After I took the water, 10 minutes passed I then noticed I had an erection and started to feel horny, my neighbor then offered me a seat in her house, when we went in the house, she left for the bathroom and came back in a towel, I couldn’t control myself I ended up hugging her which led me to sleep with her,” Mukanda said
Mukanda added that what his neighbor did was dangerous and he is scared he may be sick as he did not use protection and wants compensation.
In her defense Nyirenda did not refuse giving the drugs to her neighbor but that it was a mistake because the glass cup had been used by her previous client who had come with the sex pills.
She said it was a mistake as she too was shocked why Mukanda acted in such a manner as he is man who keeps to himself, and begging for forgiveness.
“ine sinina zibe ati glass cup nina ba pasa yenze same cup ba client bana usinga, im sorry kulibe vinango ninga chite but I’m not sick of any sexually transmitted disease, I even have my last VCT results I’m negative , please Mr. Mukanda forgive me,” she said
In passing judgement magistrate A. Michelo verified the VCT results and asked Mukanda to have pity on Nyirenda as she has clearly shown it was an accident and told him to go for any necessary medical check up to make sure he was safe.
The court said it’s difficult to navigate the matter as Mukanda did not produce any documentation of his previous medical history to show whether he was medically fit himself and that Nyirenda should never ever act in such a carelessness manner or the system will have her arrested.
The court added that for now Mukanda should go for checkups and if any medical condition that may arise within the period of his mating with Nyirenda then further action will be taken.


  1. Useless judgement by the so called local court judges – you were supposed to punish that stupid lady she has an intention but you are just there to disgrace the Ministry Judicial .Even Chilenje Local cort judges they do act the same. What a shame!


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