TopStar increase local TV channels


ZAMBIA’S public signal Distributor, TopStar, has added five local television stations to the platform since July this year to date.

This brings the number of local TV stations on TopStar Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) platform to thirty – two (32). This number also includes television stations that are broadcast in specific areas.
The new television stations are Millennium, Mozo, Musanza, Sun and Nonkas.
The growing number of local TV stations on the platform signifies the importance of the role TopStar plays in the broadcast media industry. This is to enable every household have access to affordable television, providing local content that will impact the development of various communities through experiences and dissemination of information.
Of the 32 local stations, 11 are currently viewed countrywide; six are broadcast in the provincial headquarters and along the line of rail; while 13 are restricted to single specific areas.
The areas of broadcast as outlined are in line with the service level agreements (SLAs) signed between TopStar and the Content Service Providers (CSPs), who in this case are the Television stations as to which areas they may wish to transmit their content.
Topstar public relations manager Joy chula said as Public Signal distributor, the company has the responsibility to distribute signal to all parts of the country and ensure that Zambian households have access to information and watch affordable TV.
The function of a signal distributor is necessary and significant in the communication and media space and it is important that TopStar puts in place measures that will keep digital television broadcasting operational for the general public to receive signal and access information.


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