Police in Chongwe nab seven suspects for theft of assorted household goods

Prisoner holding metal cage in jail, no freedom concept

Chongwe has in the recent past experienced an exponential increase in theft of property.

After a report from members of the public police launched investigations and around 20:00 hrs on October 13 managed to arrest seven men who were found with various household goods suspected to have been stolen.
The suspects were found in a house they were renting in Libuko village in Chongwe.
Police spokesperson, Esther Katongo confirmed the development in a statement made available to the Daily Nation.
She identified the suspects as Happy Nyirenda, 24, Clifford Tembo, 23, Geoffrey Banda,18, Amos Ngombe, 17, Edward Nunga, 24, Charles Kabwe, 19 and Aldrick Nketani, 18.
She said that the recovered property included fridges, television sets and mattresses among other goods.
She appealed to members of the public who could have had their property stolen to go to Chongwe police station and identify their property.
Meanwhile the suspects are remanded in custody at Chongwe police.
And the landlady of the suspects who spoke on condition of anonymity expressed shock at the revelation.
She said that she did not suspect any wrong with the accused because three of them were actually grade 11 pupils at a local secondary school in Chongwe.


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