Juvenile denies defilement charge


A 14-year-old juvenile of Lusaka accused of defiling a four-year-old girl has told the magistrates court that he did not defile the girl.

The boy told magistrate Nsunge Chanda that he visited his Aunt, the mother of the girl because he wanted to charge his phone.
He said when he arrived, the girl, his Aunt and the uncle were at home.
He said he asked his Aunt if he could charge his battery and she told him to go back later because his mother’s battery was charging.
He said he escorted his friend at the market and went back to his Aunt’s house around 13:00 hours to take the battery for charging.
He said after leaving the phone, he went to fetch water and played with his friends at the ground.
He said he finished playing football around 19:00 hours when he decided to go home and took a bath.
He said after he finished taking a bath, he went to his Aunt’s house to collect his phone.
He said when he arrived, they were sleeping but his Aunt gave him the phone through the window and went back home.
He said a few days later, his mother asked him when last he went to his Aunt’s place.
He said he told his mother that he had gone to his Aunt’s place a few days ago to charge his phone.
He said his mother told him that his Aunt had accused him of defiling the daughter.
He said he denied the allegations and after a few days, his uncle the father of the girl alleged to have been defiled visited his mother.
He said it was in evening and he had come with a mob who were shouting that he comes out of the house.
He said he informed his mother of what was happening outside and later he was taken to the police station.
He said the police released him and told him to return the following morning.
He said he went back to the police station the following and was asked if he defiled the girl.
He said he told the officer that he did not defile the girl, that they accusations were false.


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