Lusaka Mayor steps in on voter registration hassle

THE voter registration exercise kicked off on 9 November with thousands of people queuing up for hours on end to attain their voter’s cards, many raised concern at the Covid-19 threat being posed and social media’s favourite Mayor was on hand to once again demonstrates his DIY style of leadership.
Mayor of Lusaka Miles Sampa has had a busy return to public office juggling both his civic duties as well as generating private money through his initiatives such as the Xtra Miles car hire service. He was particularly inspirational by moving his DIY Ubusaka Mobile toilet to the Civic Centre 24 hrs Voters Registration point for the convenience of over 100 residents stuck in the queues for at least 6 hours before being attended to by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) officers.

In the quest and zeal to Register as a Voter in 2021, we all risk the surge of Covid 19 yet again.
This afternoon, I therefore took time to sensitize on Corona Virus pandemic and gives masks to each of the over 200 residents I found on the queue to register at the 24hrs Civic Centre ECZ Registration Point.
Ensure you REG2VOTE but at the same time please obey all the Covid 19 protective guidelines.
Together We Can
MBS20.11.2020, 3pm


Someone to give me the mayor’s line ku kwatu ili bad: no mask plus 3days pa line. – ZITHA AKAMBAKAMBA
Vazoona sindalama zawo, ECZ should definitely do something their system is too slow, Some of us have not yet registered because of long queues. Please ECZ pull your torn socks. – VERONIQUE MUSONDA
Impressive Miles, first and foremost Kudos to the people who reported the boy who thought he could skip the queue! Leadership is about fairness and equal opportunities to all! ñ PAT MUSUMALI
Not just in Lusaka they need you. You should also come to ndola and stand at any ticket we love you even here! ñ FRED MILLS
From the time Covid-19 started I have never seen a funeral of someone dying of Covid-19. I only see politicians with court case claiming to be positive. ñ MUKUPA CHINTU
Ba Mayor awe kwena…. You are one of the few people who bring joy to this beautiful city. Kudos your worship.óHAGGAI TEMBO
Many thanks man of action for saving lives, that’s our humble country mayor. MWAKA FUMBATA
The great Mayor of Lusaka or in Zambia is number one. ñ BENSON MWILA
Mayor sometimes you need to go through our comment some of us this is the only place where we can talk to you…. I predicted correctly and 4 minutess after the post but comes the results so bias … With a budget I made sure. Poverty is my hobby ZOONA takwaba pantu ifya so. ñ MWABA BANDA
One Mayor I just love your work ad how you Interact with pipo, God bles you.. ñ MISHECK KAMBINDAMA
It does feel like one has won a jackpot because of the long queues. I also got mine after 5 hours of queuing. It’s hectic but good initiative ba Mayor. That toilet will come in handy. ñ CHOKELA PHIRI
Ok this mask wearing biz is so alien… If you are a couple you must decide to do one thing. Either bonse mulefwala ama mask completely or don’t ware at all. Having 1 part of the couple wearing and the other wearing it around the chin equals to nothing. ñ RICHARD KATONGO
With all due respect your worship I feel you as the authorities have let us down, you have made a simple process extremely cumbersome and difficult for us. I’m willing to go and register to vote but the issue to sitting at long queues for hours on hours till the early hours of the day doesn’t seem like something worth doing for me. I commend those that are committed to the cause and wish many will go and register to vote. – ZAMBIA FINEST


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